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Adroidea really saved the day for us when we were having website problems that evolved into something too big for us to fix on our own.

I spoke to several web development companies in the area, trying to find the best solution to our problems. Most companies had plans to fix the problem, but Adroidea was the one company that not only understood the issue, but also laid out a plan for how to fix it, and, even better, prevent it from happening again.

Once the decision was made to go with Adroidea, frequent and friendly communication on the status of the project was appreciated, but even better was the fact that they never said "no" to any of my requests. And they made so many behind the scenes improvements to our site that I wasn't expecting and I'm still thrilled about that.

Even with the project complete, Adroidea has still been responsive to any questions we've had about our new site.

Our previous website was designed in Wordpress and we didn't have a firm grasp of the security implications that went along with that. [The Adroidea Team] fixed our site for us, implemented multiple security controls and designed a more secure site. Going with Adroidea is a decision that I'm glad I made.

~Chad K.  -

[The website] looks great. Thank you for your hard and FAST work on this project. We will surely use you again as the need arises and refer you to others where appropriate for their website needs.

~David I.  -

Thanks again for all your help and guidance in this process. You have been very professional and knowledgable. I liked that if you didn't know something you said so, got an answer, and got back to me in a timely manner. I will gladly recommend you. I've enjoyed working with you so much that I'm going to kinda miss it all.

~John G. - T-Shirts N Stickers

Thanks so much. You're the first person to actually get what we're going for. I really feel like you listened to us... We all agree that you are awesome, and we are so happy we found you!

~Rose  -

Adroidea Web Design Studio Testimonials
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